Why are Project Management Certification Courses the most Sought-After among Professionals?

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Good project management skills help you enhance your capabilities to distinguish yourself from other employees and boost your career prospects. Most corporate professionals undergo project management professional certification courses to upskill their existing skills. Due to an upsurge in demand for project management professionals in project-focused industries, such as IT, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, etc., project management certification courses are gaining popularity.

Project Management Professional Certification courses impart knowledge, skills and experience to manage the projects efficiently. Managing projects incorporates planning, scheduling, executing, budgeting, and creating reports about the project. Project Management certification courses are the industry-recognized credentials for project managers. The course is focused on the study and imparts best practices, principles, skills and project management skills and expertise required to lead any project and achieve the desired objectives. Therefore, a project management course enables you to boost your career.

Several educational institutes offer project management certification online in every area of project management. These courses are for working professionals who don’t have time to attend classroom training and want the benefits of online certification. These certifications are live and provide interactive classes led by qualified instructors. They create the same physical classroom experience and provide study materials and practice exams to evaluate yourself.

Who should take up the project management certification?

Project Management Professional Certification is one of the most popular certifications among professional job seekers nowadays. Project management courses can be followed by:

  • Managers, supervisors and individual contributors who wish to learn techniques to manage projects and teams successfully
  • Professionals who want to meet the requirements of a complex task and administer daily workload
  • Professionals looking forward to mastering fundamental communication skills for successful project management
  • Professionals who wish to broaden their career options
  • Professionals who wish to a hike in their earning potential
  • Professionals who wish to enhance their project management skills and be different from others

Why project management professional certification?

According to Economic Times reports, India is the fastest-growing country globally for Project Management-oriented employment. In the next ten years, it will require more than 70 lakh new project managers. The principal industries to witness enormous job opportunities include manufacturing and construction, ITES & publishing, management & professional services, finance & insurance, Utilities, and oil & gas. These industries are expanding at an astounding rate, thus creating a need for project managers like never before.

Big market giants are investing tremendously in big projects across India; thus, the scope for project management certification holders will not shrink anytime soon. Moreover, since India is one of the fastest-growing GDPs globally, it is an investment haven for investors worldwide. Therefore, every new project opens up broad job opportunities with lucrative perks. Additionally, as per the reports, India shall have more than 218 lakh project management job roles in the next ten years, just behind China.

Furthermore, the demand for project managers keeps enlarging, irrespective of the industry, the qualified professionals who have a project management professional certification are always needed by numerous organisations to plan the strategies and execute them. In addition, Project Managers with accreditation from a known institute or B-School are highly preferred by the organisations and are offered handsome repayment for their skills to derive critical business insights.

UPES CCE, Dehradun, is one of India’s leading universities that offers project management certification courses offering high industry recognition. Their programme is aligned to PMBOK 6th Edition and beyond; it provides students with an opportunity to learn project management issues and skills. The aspirants get a chance to learn about project planning, management, and financial control, assessing and mitigating risk, project procurement and solicitation, and advanced project management skills.

Adding UPES CCE’s project management certification to your list of credentials is a great way to benchmark your skills for potential employers and slay that you have the know-how to plan, schedule, budget, deliver, execute, and report on various initiatives. The University’s programme enables you to earn from the world’s most advanced digital courseware used by Fortune 100 organisations. In addition, UPES’s PMP helps you go beyond advanced project management skills to get an edge and learn real-life cases to tackle complex project management problems.

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