Why Are Data Science Courses Emerging As One of The Most Sought After Courses Across The World?

A man is analysing data after doing the best data science courses

With the world setting foot into the era of big data, the urge for storing the data has also grown. However, until 2010, the main challenge and concern for the enterprise industries were on building a framework and solutions to store data, and when frameworks like Hadoop have successfully solved this problem, the focus of the industries has shifted to the processing of the collected data. Now, here Data Science came into operation.

Data Science is considered the future of technology. Therefore, it becomes vital for every individual to understand what Data Science is and how can it add certain advantages to their business. In addition, Data science is a significant part of various industries today because it can process massive amounts of data that are produced. Thus, leading to the sudden popularity of some of the best data science courses worldwide.

In point of fact, various best data science courses in India has also  become one of the most acclaimed courses over the years as most Indian companies have started implementing data science techniques to expel their business and shoot up their customer satisfaction. Data Science is a fusion of multiple algorithms, tools, and machine learning principles that together decode hidden patterns, derive meaningful information from the raw data, thus making important business decisions.

In this article, we’ll learn about some of the best courses for data science and what they include. By the end of this blog, I hope you will be able to figure out which is the best data science course to pursue.

What are some of the best courses in data science?

In India, an extraordinary number of working professionals and students are upskilling lately in the domains like data science, which has led to a surge in the number of institutes offering the best data science courses to part-timers, CTOs and even non-tech executives. Furthermore, India’s best data science courses impart the techniques of recording, storing and analyzing data to extract insights and future predictions from structured and unstructured data.

However, data science is an integral segment of the IT industry; it uses data science to manage datasets and extract relevant insights. But anyone from an economics, statistics, mathematics background can pursue the courses for data science. Data science courses are often viewed similar to Statistics and Machine Learning Courses because statistics courses investigate the history of the data. By utilizing data science courses and machine learning algorithms, you can predict future trends like profit, loss, or other organization insights.

In addition, some of the best courses for data science are enlisted below. These courses are listed as per the level of different education.

Best data science courses in India at bachelor’s level

  • Bachelors in Data Science
  • BSc Data Science
  • BCA Data Science
  • Bachelor of Data Science

Maters level data science courses

  • Masters in Data Science
  • MSc Data science
  • MBA in Data Science and Analytics
  • MCA Data Science
  • PGP in Data Science

Best Data Science Courses Online for working professionals and graduates

  • Advanced Certificate Programme in Data Science
  • Applied Data Science Specializations
  • Professional Certificate in Foundations of Data Science
  • Post Graduate Program in Data Science

Best data science courses after graduation

Today data science courses are mostly pursued by the graduates or the working professionals who want to upskill their data processing knowledge and give a big break to their career. For graduates or working professionals, various best data science courses online and offline are offered by numerous institutes, and out of them, I think PGP in data science is the best course to pursue. One of the best universities in India that offer the course is UPES CCE.

UPES CCE’s PGP in data science is a ten-month Online Programme for professionals who desire to take Data Science as a career option. The course provides live weekend classes from top faculties and Data scientists. In addition, they offer a comprehensive program in Data Science that outlines the popular software tools, statistical & mathematical concepts and business aspects. Once you complete the ten-month online programme, you will be an in-demand Certified Data Science Professional with excellent opportunities.

Moreover, as per the sources Glassdoor and Forbes, demand for data scientists will increase by 28% by 2026 and also the data scientist profession bagged second place in the Best Jobs in America for 2021 survey.

So if you want a secure and rewarding career, data science offers you that chance.

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