Top 3 Reasons Why a Career in Logistics & Supply Chain is a Smart Choice

top 3 reason why a career in logistics and supply chain management is a smart choice

Logistics can be understood as managing the overall product’s life cycle, i.e., how resources will be acquired, stored, and transported to a final destination.

Supply Chain revolves around producing and distributing a specific product to the final consumer through a network between companies and their suppliers.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Career Advantages.


1. Growth Scope of Your Career in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

No matter how big or small, organized or unorganized, every industry survives when the movement of certain raw materials or equipment takes place. Witnessing the technology-driven scenario of industries in India, the growth opportunities in this sector are huge.

2. How Much Do Logisticians Earn?

In India, logisticians and supply chain managers can start their careers with a generous salary package of an average of Rs. 9 lacs. Also, as per a global study in 2020, 88% of supply chain professionals have a positive outlook of their careers.

3. Your Workday is Never Boring

A day in the life of a logistician goes beyond the movement and storage of goods. You can expect every day to be completely different from what you’ve envisioned – for better or for worse.


Parting Thoughts

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