Introduction to Renewable Energy Management: What You Need To Know


Have you imagined the enormous amount of benefits in a world that is powered by solar, wind, and hydro power. This blog explains exactly that – the What, Why, and How of Renewable Energy Management.

  • What is Renewable Energy Management?
  • Why is it important?
  • How you can use it to save energy?

What is Renewable Energy Management?

Renewable Energy Management is a term that could be interpreted in many relevant areas but we’ll talk about saving energy in businesses, public-sector organizations and even residential areas. It includes monitoring, controlling, and preserving energy in an enterprise or an establishment for optimizing the best possible sustainable outcomes.

Why is it important?

The global need to save energy is clearly reflected in the UN recommendations due to which various corporations have resolved to go net zero by 2046.

Put simply, we need to save energy at a global level in order to:

  • Reduce the unnecessary harm that we’re causing to our planet’s resources, as a human race.
  • Reduce our obscene dependence on fossil fuels that are getting depleted year by year.

5 Types of Renewable Energy

As per the UN, Renewable Energy can be derived from the following 5 natural sources that can be replenished at a higher rate than the rate of consumption.

  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Hydro Power
  • Ocean Energy

How you can use it to save energy?

There are several renewable energy management strategies involved to ensure we can best manage our energy consumption. This is an ongoing process for any responsible entity contributing towards net-zero targets.

  1. Collecting the maximum amount of metered data
  2. Eliminating the scope of energy wastage
  3. Taking action against the opportunities to save energy
  4. Tracking usage patterns to save energy


It’s quite true that a world powered by renewable-energy sources would have benefits not just for humankind but also for the environment, and economy. The Renewable Energy Management courses at CCE UPES are designed with real-world professionals and recognized by renowned academic institutions like QS World University Rankings and NIRF in India. For attracting future-proof talent, the MBA in Renewable Energy Management at CCE UPES has stood out as the preferred choice of corporate tycoons and recruiters.


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