What After BBA in Aviation? Here Are 5 Career Options You Can Explore

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Working in the aviation industry is a dream for many, given its promise of high salaries, financial stability, travel, and variety in life.

And despite seeing a setback due to COVID-19, aviation continues to be a promising industry. In fact, by 2038, global air transport is expected to support 143 million jobs and make up $6.3 trillion of the world economy.

These numbers are massive, thereby making BBA in Aviation a lucrative opportunity for all students clearing their 12th board exams. A three-year undergraduate course, BBA in aviation covers the basics of business communication, operations, economics, and security with respect to the aviation management industry.

It gives students in-depth knowledge of air transport, airport operations and management, financial accounting, passenger forecasting, and more.

But after their degree ends, most students find themselves confused as to how to proceed.

To make things easy for you, this article will take you through five career options you can explore after this degree course.

What can you do after BBA in Aviation?

Equipping them with the knowledge of the aviation industry and skills like logical reasoning, problem-solving, and customer relations, BBA in aviation opens doors to many career opportunities for students.

Here are a few of them:

1.     Airport Manager

This is an excellent job to opt for after your BBA in aviation ends. Airport managers oversee the operations of airports and airlines. Their role entails assigning work to staff members, coordinating between different departments, supervising renovation projects, and monitoring expenses. They are also responsible for the implementation of rules and regulations laid out by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Given the prime role they play in the smooth running of airports, airport managers earn fairly decent pay. Their average salary is ₹6,67,800 per year, which is more than 50% higher than the national average in India.

2.     Airline Analyst

A business or financial analyst for airlines makes for a lucrative career option after a BBA in aviation. Simply put, these analysts are responsible for collecting information on and studying the financial performance of airlines. Based on the data gathered, they prepare reports and make suggestions to maximize the airline’s profits while keeping customers’ interests in mind.

Given how expensive it is to run airlines, managing finances and planning budgets is a must, which makes the job of a financial analyst important and well-paying.

3.     Aerodrome Officer

Aerodrome officers are responsible for monitoring and maintaining safety on aerodromes. So, they supervise the working of staff, monitor movement of air traffic and the airfield for smooth takeoffs and landings, report dangerous situations and prevent mishaps, and oversee repair work.

Playing roles that are central to the functioning of an airport, aerodrome officers generally earn ₹50,000 or more as salary. If you don’t wish to go for the job of an airport manager, this can be a great alternative to it.

4.     Ground Staff Manager

A perfect way to put your customer relations skills to use, the job of a ground staff manager involves interacting with passengers and ensuring their safety and comfort—before, after, and during the flight.

As a ground staff manager, you would look after the safe loading and unloading of luggage, assist passengers, resolve their queries, carry security checks, convey information regarding timings and schedule to them, and more. This is where your managerial skills will also prove to be helpful, as you’ll be tasked with handling multiple customers together.

5.     Aviation Consultant

Aviation consultants basically help aircraft owners understand and implement the best aviation practices. Their roles and responsibilities include monitoring aircraft activities, solving technical issues, ensuring the staff follows safety measures, training the ground crew and pilots, and making sure the airline adheres to FAA rules.

This job is a great way to make the most of your managerial abilities and skills. With adequate experience and knowledge, you can go on to earn 6-10 lakhs per annum in this field.


BBA in aviation makes you fit for various exciting and profitable career options. The five jobs listed above are our top picks, given the interesting responsibilities they involve and how they make the best use of your interests in both aviation and management.

If these career options piqued your interest, be sure to check out UPES’s prestigious PGP in Air Business Management program. It’s time for you to fly high!

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