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Industrial professionals working in any industry, mainly transport, mining, construction, manufacturing, are prone to risks or accidents, citing hefty labour and machinery work. To avoid these mishaps or hazards, scores of human & artificial resources are employed within an industry to safeguard the well-being of a company and its employees. Therefore, an industrial safety course can be defined as a thorough study to learn safety management skills in the industrial sector. The course aims to train students to manage key events and operations in the industry to safeguard its workforce – industrial personnel – and resources by preventing the chances of occurring mishaps, risks or accidents. The industrial safety course covers a variety of topics involving the safety of the labour force. These topics could be:

Basic Safety: Basic safety measures which are prevalent in all industries

Occupational and Health Safety: Mainly deals with a person’s occupation and his/her health conditions

Workplace Safety: Safety protocols explicitly deal with the workplace

Electronic and Fire Safety: Safety from equipment used by employees

Building Safety: Safeguarding workforce from any building or structural accidents safety

Environment Safety: Deals with environmental safety concerns within the concerned industry

CCE UPES offers an industrial safety course

The University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Centre for Continuing Education (UPES-CCE) offers a diploma in the industrial safety course, a short-term skill-orientated course, to novice graduates, final year aspirants and working professionals. The 6-month live weekend classroom course provides meticulous insights to students to manage health, safety and environmental-related concerns at the workplace. The course is apt for those who wish to forge a career in industrial safety in retable industries.

Benefits of doing industrial safety course from CCE UPES

Build a growing career in Petroleum, Construction, Electricity, Manufacturing, Airlines, Sports, IT firms, international companies & Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) organizations.

  • Get a degree from one of the finest universities in the country for the HSE/Industrial Safety Course.
  • Building sustainable measures to preserve the environment when global warming is surging at a steady rate.
  • Good chances to be a part of working projects in India and overseas; travel across the globe.
  • Brush your skills by creating and reviewing safety measures. Yes, you have to be prepared for the worst.
  • Build leadership quality by training employees in respective industries.
  • Polish critical thinking skills by scrutinizing safety-related data and information.
  • The course will give you the chance to excel in multiple subjects, adding numerous qualifications to your portfolio.

Students who have successfully completed the course from CCE UPES have been recruited in leading manufacturing, consulting, energy and infra, and logistic firms like Trident, Reliance Industries, Vedanta, L&T ECCTata, Consulting Engineers, ABB, AP Armada Oil Exploration, Superior Energy & Services Kalpatru Power, Amazon Warehousing, IMC Ltd, Jindal Steel Works, Afcons Infrastructure Ltd, and Pristine Logistics. These are just a few names. There are more.

Why this course?

Increasing technological innovations and growing mechanization in industries like Engineering, Manufacturing, Chemical, Construction, others have emanated complicated Health, Safety and Environmental issues in these industries. Hence, hiring qualified and skilled professionals is imperative to safeguard a company and its employees.

According to research published on the CC UPES website, in 2020, more than 50,000 health and safety workers will be required in Middle Eastern and European countries. Not just that. The study suggested that these employees will also be needed in India.

Diploma in industrial safety course fees

The fees structure of Diploma in Industrial Safety course varies from student to student. An Indian student can apply for the course for Rs 40,000. However, students coming from abroad have to pay USD 660 or 49,501 INR for the course.

In a nutshell, it won’t be an overstatement that industrial safety has become a need at different workplaces. In fact, state, federal, and central governments in almost all the countries have made it mandatory for the industries to match industrial safety standards. This scenario leads to producing innumerable opportunities for industrial safety experts in diverse sectors. Hence, pursuing a specialised course is a safe bet for a future-proof career. UPES CCE, with its online industrial safety program, enables working professionals to navigate their careers in this burgeoning field.

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