Evergreen Future in Aviation Management for young talent in India

An aeroplane is standing on the airport depicting aviation management

The aviation sector has emerged as one of the significant developing sectors in India. The aviation management sector has flourished and registered new heights in the last few years, despite the post-COVID impact.

It is expected that the Indian Aviation industry shall pass the UK to become the third-highest air passenger market by 2024.

Fleet management, ticketing, ground support, tourism industry, hospitality management, and in-flight services are integral to aviation management.

It is expected that the Indian Aviation Industry will attract a huge investment of around 5 billion US$ in the next 4 four years. The Government also has some bigger plans to plow almost 1.8 billion US$ for airport infrastructure and its navigation system by 2026. As a result, there will be tremendous opportunities in the aviation sector.

Students interested in aviation can opt for the MBA in Aviation Management. The requirement for credible human resources in this sector is generating numerous opportunities like Airport Operations Manager, Airport Manager, Airport Planner, and many more.

A career in Aviation Management can take your career trajectory to new heights with domain expertise, requisite skills, and a professional degree as an edge over your counterparts.

This program with UPES CCE gives the learner an in-depth aviation-related understanding and competencies for the new reality of the Aviation sector.

Ultimately, all aviation management positions involve overseeing the core operations of an organization specializing in aviation products, services, or offerings. Choosing a career in the aviation industry could be the best available prospect for young professionals. A career in aviation management includes the study of airports, airlines, and other areas concerning the aerospace industry. Being the key to navigating the unexplored opportunities in the space and cosmos, as discovered by NASA, Aviation Management can take you places and lead a new reality as an irreplaceable asset for the industry.

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