Emerging Career Opportunities through MBA in Power Management

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Electricity is so important that even the slightest altercation may create ripples in all sectors of life. Dependence on thermal power was predominant in the last decades, however, the extra vigil on the climate implications put the global community in defense.

Emerging national trends in the Power sector

Nowadays, the most trusted power source is being folded up from service. The trend initiated by European countries and fast blowing into third world countries like India and China, jointly contribute more than 50% of global dirty power.

The government of India’s green power initiatives which were in the back seat, are now achieving momentum and massive climate-neutral projects are being executed in the area of photovoltaic power systems. The wind and small hydro are not far dragging behind.

What impact does it has on career potential in the Power sector?

This stimulus effort, both from the government and private sector perhaps leads to a systemic change in the form of renewable power injection into the grid. This is expected to create lakhs of new job opportunities not only in the area of the conventional and renewable sector but in the allied areas as well, like project management, project feasibility analysis, implementation, financial modelling, power trading, power market operations, planning, etc.

Power Management plant

Career roles and growth to look out for-

The potential hot job spots most visible in the power sector that undergoes swift transformation are –

  1. Electricity market operations
  2. EPC of Power Plants
  3. Financial Analyst for Projects
  4. Feasibility Analyst of Projects
  5. Power Plant Manager
  6. Power Policy and Strategy Makers
  7. Energy Law & Policy advisor

The years ahead are predominantly of power markets and their derivatives. The Indian power sector is expected to transform soon into a market-focused operation like the European power sector where 90% of the power is sold through their electricity markets.

Competency in power market operations and trading is vital to gain and perform in these positions. A well-designed course that provides an in-depth knowledge of the electricity market is essential to achieve this competency.

How helpful is an MBA in Power for Engineering graduates?

The engineering skills (B.Tech) along with business intelligence (MBA-Power) mould the perfect professionals for this sector. The financial and feasibility analyst of the project plays a vital role during the design and implementation stages of the power project as their feedbacks determine the future of the project.

Meticulous expertise in the concerned power project is required to provide the right input at the right time which accompanies tremendous engineering effort and funds.

The day-to-day activities of any plant are managed by a power plant manager who must have expertise in engineering and management as well. If he could see the HR, Finance, and Engineering challenges faced by the plant with equal capability, it would streamline the entire power station operations and improve the plant capacity and efficiency. This is most expected by any investor in terms of the financials of a power plant.

Here’s the only advice you need!

A course that bridges the gap between technical expertise and management or vice versa is crucial to grab these emerging opportunities in the area of the power sector. A well-designed and advanced course like MBA in Power Management is the need of the hour and that is what exactly UPES is offering to you, in Regular, Distance (ODL) and On Line-mode (OL) considering the varying needs and convenience of candidates.

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