10 Best Books for MBA Students


Many students think earning an MBA will provide them with many opportunities. Additionally, MBA books can give insight into the coursework and knowledge many believe they will only receive after enrolling in a business school.

However, to ensure that people can save money on a degree to get knowledge, here is a selection of the finest MBA books for beginners and experts.

10 Best Books essential for MBA students that help them ace the course and knowledge

1. The Franchise MBA

The book was published in 2013, and its three authors have each offered comprehensive information for every topic addressed and essential when tackling issues related to franchises and small businesses.

This book is among the top ten MBA books to read to stay current with business knowledge. It gives insights from numerous franchise executives and fact-based articles to help readers decide which franchise is best.

Key Takeaways

  • The book’s four key steps to owning a business franchise are indicated by the title.
  • The four crucial steps are self-reflection, the franchiser, the franchisee, the legal process, and financing.
  • Many industry professionals and management gurus with extensive corporate and business knowledge have suggested the suggestion.



2. Everything I Learned At $200,000 MBA About Marketing

The author promoted the book as one of the top readings after its release in 2019.

The book’s author, Ritesh Chaube, attended a business school and imparted all of the knowledge he gained there to the readers. The entire business is covered in the book, down to the most minor details.

Key Takeaways

  • The author has a lot of faith in his business advice.
  • The book uses an engaging narrative technique to offer some of the best business stories.
  • It promises that the book will teach readers more than any other business course.


3. The Vest, a literal, ‘Pocket MBA’

This book was first published in 1986, but with each new edition, it has become better and more useful for those considering MBA schools.

This novel is timeless and portable, leaning heavily on corporate structure. It offers fast and accurate information that can be found by turning the pages. MBA books provide perspective on managing a small business and making business-related decisions.

Key Takeaways

  • There are questions and answers throughout the book.
  • It includes ideas like finance, accounting, and break-even analysis, among others.
  • It makes it quick and easy for readers to find any formula, ratio, or equation.



4. An Entire MBA In 1 Book

Since the book’s 2016 publication, many students and young business owners have shown a strong interest in learning why an MBA is vital and how reading it can change their perspective on business.

The over 400-page book is a treat for readers who want to learn about management schools and are interested in pursuing an MBA.

Key Takeaways

  • The author’s professional experiences form the bulk of the book.
  • People are inspired by the author and the book to acknowledge and pursue their ambitions.
  • It makes sure that readers are entertained and take pleasure in reading.


5. MBA In A Book

Since its initial publication in 2008, the book has gained recognition for contributing to the reading lists of teachers, mentors, students, and even small company owners.

The authors cover many topics, including innovation, money, leadership, marketing, strategy, stimulating the mind, and much more.

Key Takeaways

  • It acts as a user-friendly, non-technical guide that everyone can understand.
  • The title “MBA In A Book” is appropriate for the book.
  • To learn business operations and management, this book has been recommended by numerous industry leaders and mentors.
  • It may appear at first glance to be a book with only superficial knowledge, but it offers a fantastic in-depth look at everything.



6. The Portable MBA

The book, published in 2010, gathered useful and applicable information on managing management and business operations.

Six authors contributed to the book, all authorities in their disciplines. It also includes many case studies and examples to make it through for readers.

Key Takeaways

  • This book is very beneficial for those who own a small business or work in the corporate sector.
  • It goes into great detail on each subject.
  • The book ranks among the top ten MBA books to read and carry around.
  • The author discusses managing teams, rising economies, and consumer behavior.


7. The Portable MBA In Finance And Accounting

Although the book was first published in 1992, it is still one of the top MBA books for professionals willing to go above and beyond.

Readers, instructors, institutions, and everyone else have all recommended and promoted this book for finance and accounting.

Key Takeaways

  • The book enjoys a good standing in this particular field.
  • It contains fundamental methods and approaches that students in business schools are taught.
  • The authors of this book wrote it intending to assist those in charge of a group or organization.
  • New chapters are valuable additions to each new edition of the book.



8. The Personal MBA

The book was published in 2010. Yet, Josh Kaufman gained all his skills and knowledge while working for Procter & Gamble.

One of the top ten MBA books is, without a doubt, this book. In addition to being an MBA book, this one may also be labeled as a startup book because it contains a wealth of advice on managing and running a company.

Key Takeaways

  • According to the author, MBA programs take credit for a good student.
  • The book argues that investing money and learning from practical experience is unnecessary.
  • Make sure you focus on at least one of the four essential components of a successful business.
  • It gives the business context a lot of weight.


9. The Fast Forward MBA In Project Management

The book, which is designed as a handbook and contains a collection of project management advice, productivity hacks, and cost-control techniques, was first released in 2021.

To help readers comprehend various project management ideas, the author provides case studies and advice from real-world situations.

Key Takeaways

  • Those employed in corporate and business structures might use the book as a guide.
  • It is simple to read, contains helpful information, and provides in-depth project management skills.
  • The book provides many project management-related solutions.



10. The Ten-Day MBA

One of the best-selling books on the topic that is still applicable to today’s pupils is the one that was initially published in 1993.

The Ten-Day MBA is a book written by the author to help thousands of new readers and students enroll in an MBA program.

Key Takeaways

  • The book discusses essential topics about keeping a professional relationship with the boss.
  • It covers numerous approaches to creating company strategies.
  • The author recommends formulating and enacting policies.
  • The book is one of the tops reads for MBA students.

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